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Halcyon City Roleplay

Halcyon is meant to be a perfect city. But nothing ever goes as planned, does it? You play the part of one of the many people struggling to survive in Halcyon.

There is one city in this world that dwarfs all others. Some call it heaven, others call it the labyrinth of diamonds, but most know it as Halcyon city.

Halcyon is flooding with wealth, with its glittering skyscrapers and shining stadiums. This is the peak of civilisation. The citizens here live a life that others can only dream about; no worries, certain happiness, everything they could ever want. The children are highly educated on the things that matter most in their world, and most jobs are high paying. From a distance, Halcyon is no less than perfect.

From a distance.

Look a little closer and the city will tell you another story. This is a story of the overlooked, the unimportant, the suffering. Halcyon was never a paradise welcoming all. Underneath the city are the historic catacombs, now used as shelter to the poverty stricken who cannot afford to live on the surface. Here in the tangled tunnels things are not so perfect, or even safe. These people often live together in clans for protection, people have been known to kill each other for the clothes off their backs. You belong to one of these clans.

Download Geeking for iPhone or Android